The Best Bird Watching Locations in Australia


The Best Bird Watching Locations in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most naturally beautiful sites in the world. In particular, there are many locations that are great for observing wild birds. The following are descriptions of the top three locations for bird watching.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park spans 20,000 sq. km and is one of the best locations for bird watching in the Northern Territory. Here you will find almost 300 distinct bird species, one of the most diverse bird populations in the country. This area is a tropical zone that is covered in wetlands in the summer months when storms from the Indian Ocean flood the terrain. The marshy environment attracts many varieties of water birds. One bird to look out for at this location is the comb-crested jacana.

Atherton Tablelands

Some of the most beautiful birds in Australia can be found at the Atherton Tablelands, located west of Cairns in Queensland. It consists of dense rainforests, making it the perfect location for spotting male bowerbirds. Visiting in the spring or summer is recommended, since this is the time that male bowerbirds go in search of mating partners. It is also important to look out for clearings in the forest where trees have collapsed, as these areas attract seed-eaters. In particular, you might encounter the blue-face parrot finch. The Atherton Tablelands is also home to several volcanic crater lakes. These crater lakes and the dense rainforests are home to about a dozen native bird species and a small population of other species that were introduced to the area.

Dandenong Ranges
The Dandenong Ranges are just a short distance from the heart of Melbourne in Victoria. Here you will find a wide range of native birds and incredible natural beauty. The region is covered in eucalyptus trees and receives a large amount of rainfall. It rains less frequently in the winter, so this is the best time to see cold climate birds such as the eastern spinebill. There are plenty of picnic locations in the area that are great locations for observing.


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