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Australian Bird Conservation Projects
The Australian people value their native and imported birds, and this has led to a strong conservation movement in order to protect and encourage the growth of avian life across the nation. In fact, Australia’s unique ecosystem is home to many avian species that are found in no other part of the world, making their preservation vital for the world’s future biodiversity. This is especially important in urban areas where pollution and human activity threaten traditional nesting and feeding grounds for Australia’s domestic avian species. Fortunately, there are a number of programs focused on protecting Australia’s birds.

BirdLife Australia

BirdLife Australia is one of the largest bird-focused conservation organizations in Australia. BirdLife currently runs over 30 conservation projects, ranging from habitat renewal to legal and political advocacy for the protection of indigenous Australian avian species. In addition, BirdLife has a wide range of projects oriented towards educating the public about modern conservation strategies in regards to birds and bird habitat regions.

In addition to its direct projects, BirdLife Australia has worked with a wide range of national and local associations in promoting conservation activities across Australia. As such, BirdLife Australia has branches in every Australian state as well as a number of outreach programs aimed at working with and educating the local community.

Birds in Backyards

One of the most important aspects of any conservation program is to protect avian species when they come into contact with humans, especially in urban or suburban areas. It is especially important to ensure that pets, especially cats and dogs, do not harm birds or the nests where eggs and chicks are located.

For this reason, Birds in Backyards has been promoted across Australia. This project serves as a research, education and conservation program that assists in the education of laypeople in regards to providing a healthy space for those birds that coexist with humanity. From educational programs to advocacy programs, Birds in Backyards has proven to be an excellent way to introduce Australians of all ages to the importance of protecting their avian neighbours.

Ultimately, these Australian avian conservation organizations have helped to ensure that Australia’s many avian species can be protected from both natural and man made dangers. By taking part in these programs, Australian citizens can help ensure that their nation’s vibrant bird life is left intact for the enjoyment of future generations.

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