Bird Watching at a Wedding


Bird Watching at a Wedding

Bird Watching at a Wedding. That means you need to make it an experience that will withstand the test of time. You’ve picked the venue, you’ve got the dress, and all of the major details have been taken care of. Now, you want to surprise your guests with a unique form of entertainment. While they are waiting for the wedding to begin, they can enjoy bird watching as well.

Pick the Perfect Location

If you want everyone to enjoy the beauty of the birds that are around them, you’ll need a garden wedding from Weddings of Distinction. Provide your guests with a handout about the types of birds that are often seen in the area. You can even include a checklist, encouraging your friends and family members to check off any birds that they see while they are waiting for the ceremony to be underway. Birds are a symbol of beauty and freedom. As they take flight on the day when a couple is about to embark on an incredible journey, guests can be in awe of what they represent. Birds offer hope and promise for the future.

Capture the Moment

Make bird watching at a wedding even more special by supplying disposable cameras to your guests. As they sit and wait, they can take pictures of the great ceremony decorations here. Once the wedding party arrives, it is time to capture key moments from the ceremony as well. When all is said and done, your guests can give their cameras to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see their photos. You can also share some of the best when you send out your thank you notes. Imagine how unique your cards will be with photos of the lovely birds that joined you on your wedding day.


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